• Solar District Heating is now a reality in many parts of Europe Solar District Heating is now a reality in many parts of Europe
  • Solar heating panels are easy to install and provide cost-free solar heat from sunlight! Solar heating panels are easy to install and provide cost-free solar heat from sunlight!
  • Payback is quick and there are many government incentives Payback is quick and there are many government incentives
  • The principle is simple, reliable and proven The principle is simple, reliable and proven
  • Solar hot water preserves the environment Solar hot water preserves the environment

Who is Ely Beach Solar?

Ely Beach is comprised of a unique combination of Engineers. Together, our group is able to bring you the most advanced system design. For more information about our team please see the individual biographies provided below-

Douglas Falkenburg: President

Mr. Falkenburg is a NABCEP certified engineer, computer architect and is certified in solar hot water system design and installation by Sunmaxx Solar. He designs Ely Beach’s solar thermal systems, manages data collection, oversees system monitoring and handles sales and client management.

Prior to forming Ely Beach Solar, Mr. Falkenburg founded IMTI Systems, a successful software company that has been in existence since 1979. IMTI Systems provides software development and automation to the commercial insurance industry, serving over 100 commercial insurance clients and vendors and collectively managing data from over 1 million commercial locations. Mr. Falkenburg has pioneered many technologies that have made IMTI Systems an innovative leader in the industry. In 1983, he developed the world's first loss control automation system and introduced the use of laptops in Loss Control. In 1997, he was the first to create web-based loss control and premium audit systems, which are now regularly used by many of today’s global insurance carriers. Mr. Falkenburg continually stays abreast of advances in data mining, data management and data exchange techniques for loss control and premium audit systems. In addition, he has authored numerous articles on the use of expert systems in loss control, and has helped develop the field of automated opinion of risk and safety program self-evaluation.

Previously, Mr. Falkenburg worked as a Senior Management Consultant Manager for the firm of Deloitte and Touche and as a Process Technology Manager for Phelps Dodge. At Phelps Dodge Mr. Falkenburg instrumented process control equipment in several cable and wire facilities to provide real-time data collection and control production lines. He also initiated the use of microprocessors in this area and has four patents to his credit in this field.

Mr. Falkenburg holds two Bachelors of Science Degrees from M.I.T in Electrical Engineering and Biology and earned his M.B.A in Finance from Columbia University.

Lorraine McCutcheon: Chief Financial Officer

Ms. McCutcheon oversees the financial and operating aspects of the company and manages the Ely Beach budget. She has over ten years of accounting and financial experience and vast experience working with growing companies.

Ms. McCutcheon started her career in an accounting firm; where for several years she advised and worked with clients on managing the taxation and financial areas of their businesses. She carried on in her career serving on the Board of Directors as the Financial Advisor for a growing medical practice operating in New York City and Westchester County. She also serves as the Financial Controller and Advisor for a successful software development company, operating on a global scale. The business is continuously expanding in both man power and profitability and Ms. McCutcheon has capably managed the financial aspects of this company through its marked growth and expansion.

Jason Santiago: Applications Engineer

Mr. Santiago brings engineering and computer programming expertise to Ely Beach Solar. He manages the day-to-day programming and maintenance needs for the control systems used by the company. He is certified by SunMaxx Solar in the design and installation of solar hot water systems.

With twenty years of experience in systems analysis and full lifecycle project management, Mr. Santiago has a wealth of knowledge in data management systems. He has developed data storage systems for a leading financial liquidation agency and has also designed and implemented a Laboratory Information Management System for an analytical chemistry laboratory specializing in solution analysis and services for the metal finishing industry.

He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Science from Brooklyn College and stays up to date on computer programming trends by attending monthly classes at Microsoft's New York office.

Gary Stromberg: VP of Sales

Mr. Stromberg is a certified solar installer, experienced electrician/plumber, inventor and licensed home inspector. For nearly three decades Gary has been involved with the design and installation of both commercial and residential solar projects in New York State. Beginning in 1983, after extensive consultations with then a leading innovator in solar technologies, Edward O'Hanlan of Advanced Energy Technologies, Gary embarked on his first commercial solar project. He worked to develop more efficient solar panels using the foam and rolled seam method and was able to design an extremely efficient thermal solar collector and build a large commercial solar hot water system for a food processing business in Latham, NY. By creating a fool proof design and skillfully maximizing government tax breaks, Gary's first project had an amazing ROI of only 19 months.

When solar fell out of fashion and government subsidies dried up after the early 80s, Gary put his technical his skills to use in the aerospace industry as an employee of Jaran Aerospace, and later as an employee of the Materials and Processing Laboratory of Schenectady, NY - a key technology contractor for General Electric. However, with recent upsurges in energy costs and renewed government and private interest in alternative energy, Gary created the Nova Energy Corporation and is now back in the field he knows and loves best. With the ability to conceptualize, design and install complex hydro and electrical systems, his skills are in great demand. Most recently he was selected to develop a unique large scale geo-thermal system for a multi-million dollar residential compound in upstate New York. This project had no precedent and required both innovative thinking and hands on expertise.

Adira Sharp: VP Marketing

Ms. Sharp handles marketing, brochure design, and design of promotional materials. She coordinates community outreach, social media marketing, and trade show presentations. She also manages our solar associations and affiliations. Ms. Sharp handles the technical production of client proposals and presentations as well.